Things to Make with Corrugated

Feline Fantasies

Perhaps the simplest form of corrugated entertainment is letting your pet—particularly cats—explore it. Cats love corrugated and paper products because of the texture. Similar to larger cats' use of tree bark to sharpen claws and massage their paws, domestic felines will make thorough use of corrugated boxes by playing in them, shredding them or chewing on them-enabling playful and predatory instincts such as the ambushing and hiding. The best part is that you don't need to do a thing! Just set the box down and enjoy the show.

Creative Expression

Corrugated provides great opportunities for children to express their creativity. They can turn corrugated tubing into toys using scissors, glue, paint and anything else that may bring the inner artist out. Add a cone-shaped piece of cardstock to one end of a tube with fins and you've got a rocket ready for your future astronaut to decorate. Other children may choose to turn their tubes into airplanes or racecars.

Children can also entertain themselves by building castles and forts out of old shoeboxes or any other small, rectangular corrugated containers. Simply seal your boxes with glue or a durable tape and paint them to look like bricks. Let their imaginations run wild!

Christmas Ornaments

The stiffness of corrugated makes it a sturdy foundation for handmade Christmas ornaments. Cut a piece of corrugated into a festive shape. Pierce a hole at the top of the ornament and string it with a length of ribbon, yarn or twine. Using paint, glitter, construction and colored paper, markers or any other art supplies, add some seasonal embellishment to the ornament. Remember to give it some drying time. Personalize the ornament by pasting a small picture of your family on it or writing a brief holiday message. Use it on your tree or give it to friends.


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