Structural & Graphic Design

The beauty of corrugated lies in its lightweight structural integrity and its ability to present and sustain customer brand imagery — as well as in the people who stand behind these properties. They utilize years of experience and success in their fields for the benefit of our customers, who see the difference in measurable results and comfortable reliability.

Structural Design

With a talented team of structural designers, Buckeye converts corrugated into solutions that maintain their shape, functionality and aesthetics. Using everything from different styles and types of stock boards, laminate substrates, foam inserts, corner protectors and specialty die cutting and assembly processes, our design capabilities create the highest level of functionality in all of our corrugated products.

Graphic & Prepress Design

We utilize the in-house skills of some of the best design professionals in the industry. Our design teams develop solutions that represent your brand image and products as you wish. Our prepress methods ensure your product specifications and outcome expectations are met and approved before final printing or manufacturing begins.


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