Company Philosophy

At Buckeye Corrugated, Inc., our mission is to be the leading, most highly respected, independent corrugated packaging company in North America. We will achieve that mission through our dedicated professionals who design, manufacture and service packaging solutions designed to fit the needs of our customers and make a difference in their organizations.

Realizing this mission means having the desire, skill and integrity to pursue a higher vision. People create the real value of any business, and this is exemplified in our products and services. They are the creators — the ones providing the quality and service, the ones fulfilling our customers' expectations. They make the difference and that is something meaningful.

Simply stated, we do not make boxes. We build the means to shape impressions and influence perceptions. It's your product in our package. It comes down to this:

We think like customers and act like owners.

Good customers know what they want because they know what it can do for them. Good owners know how to provide it because they teach, train and trust their people to deliver. Embracing both perspectives means that our customers can rely on packaging that is worthy of their investment.

And that investment — in you, in us — is the fulfillment of our mission.