The History of Corrugated

3 Men + 3 Layers = History.


Pleated paper is patented in England. It is used as liner for tall hats.


Albert Jones of New York City patents corrugated fiberboard on December 20. Jones used it to wrap bottles and glass chimney lanterns. The original form of corrugated consisted of pleated paper with a single liner sheet on one side.


Oliver Long patents his improvements upon Jones' design by adding another liner sheet. This currently serves as the corrugated we know and use today. During this same year the first machine for producing large-scale quantities of corrugated is invented by G. Smyth.


Robert Gair invents the first corrugated fiberboard box in Brooklyn by accident.

Gair was a paper bag maker in the 1870s. One day he was printing an order of seed bags when a metal ruler normally used to crease bags shifted in position and cut them. Gair realized that by cutting and creasing in one process he could make prefabricated boxes.

Although paperboard and corrugated fiberboard can be called "cardboard," the term can refer to any heavy, paper pulp-based board. It's best to stick to "corrugated" or "fiberboard." Plus, you won't hurt our feelings.


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