Full Service

Buckeye Corrugated is more than just a designer and manufacturer of corrugated packaging and displays. We are a full-service organization that has your best interests in mind. Beyond the graphic representation of brand, beyond the lasting integrity of structure and form — we oversee all aspects of your experience as a customer. From beginning concepts to in-store placement, we fulfill every aspect of your needs with powerful precision.

Contract Packaging

Buckeye Corrugated finds solutions to meet your packaging and display requirements. We remain accessible and attentive from start to finish. Our cutting-edge design assures fulfillment, provides logistics and, through it all, remains dedicated to effective communication and flexibility in every level of service.

Custom Unitizing

Buckeye Corrugated will arrange your order into custom units for specialized delivery according to your needs and specifications. Our direct, convenient transportation services will deliver your unitized order in accordance with JIT delivery standards. This helps streamline distribution processes and ensures that inventory management remains simple and efficient for our customers.

Assembly & Fulfillment

We specialize in taking unique orders requiring engineering performance and assembly. We will assemble all phases of your products, provide and follow-through on detailed logistics as well as develop plans to provide custom fulfillment through direct transportation, customer service and continued support.


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