It's not a box – it's a shield for your product and a stage for your image. It's the first impression of your product. To us, it's more than just corrugated.
Corrugated packaging delivers the purest combination of lightweight strength, flexibility and functionality in a cost-effective form that is completely recyclable.
Investors look to packaging markets as a leading indicator of the economy. When shipments rise, it's an indication of customers served and the growth of businesses. Packaging may be an indicator, but customers are the catalysts who together form the transmission of economic growth.
Buckeye Corrugated is bound together by a common culture and secured through employee ownership. We are more than just one business; we are multiple businesses operating independently with a common purpose – meeting our customers' needs by providing them with high-quality packaging in a timely manner.
At Buckeye Corrugated, we take what's inside and introduce it to the world through the design, form and function of the package that carries it.
You are always within reach of a
Buckeye Corrugated facility.


Buckeye Corrugated locations offer products and services for the widest variety of applications. Through custom design, printing, die cutting and joining, your packaging is manufactured to specific product dimensions and delivered to your door when you want it. These capabilities result in effective packaging solutions tailored to meet your needs.

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Corrugated is one of the single most recycled packaging materials. Our industry and its participants continue to ensure that corrugated packaging remains an enduring, renewable and reliable product with minimal environmental impact.

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More Than Just Boxes

Packaging is the first connection your customer has with your product. Their senses scan it, matching presentation with expectation. This first impression is often the most lasting.