Graphic & Prepress Design

We utilize the in-house skills of some of the best design professionals in the industry. Our design teams develop solutions that represent your brand image and products as you wish. Our prepress methods ensure your product specifications and outcome expectations are met and approved before final printing or manufacturing begins.

Structural Design

With a talented team of structural designers, Buckeye converts corrugated into solutions that maintain their shape, functionality and aesthetics. Using everything from different styles and types of stock boards, laminate substrates, foam inserts, corner protectors and specialty die cutting and assembly processes, our design capabilities create the highest level of functionality in all of our corrugated products.

7-Color Direct Printing

The most powerful and engaging feature in packaging is color, and Buckeye's printing capabilities and technical skill enable the application of up to seven colors in a single pass. Whether you have process work, spot colors or UV coating, we'll print the best combination to save you time and money and ensure that your exact color-matching requirements are satisfied.

UV Coating

Our ultraviolet coating system assures that your packaging is protected from the harmful effects of light energy. Depending on the environment of your product display, Buckeye offers options to apply a range of UV coatings to keep surfaces fresh and inks from fading. Contact us to discuss UV coating as an option to ensure that your product and its packaging remain vibrant.

Top Sheet Lamination

Our experience in structural and graphic design along with our wide array of manufacturing capabilities allows us to provide a top sheet solution for you that will meet your objectives and present your image at its best.

Litho Labeling

Litho labeling is a great way to combine complex graphics from offset lithography with corrugated board. Our capabilities in combining, die cutting and gluing litho labels in a variety of designs onto product displays and point of sale packaging will give you many options when developing your corrugated solution.

Specialty Gluing

Buckeye understands the intricacies of folding and gluing complex, tough-to-run items. We have the knowledge and equipment capabilities for joining shelf-ready packaging and floor ready displays. Understanding your needs and having the right capabilities is the first step in developing the right packaging for you.

Assembly & Fulfillment

We specialize in taking unique orders requiring engineering performance and assembly. We will assemble all phases of your products, provide and follow-through on detailed logistics as well as develop plans to provide custom fulfillment through direct transportation, customer service and continued support.

Contract Packaging

Buckeye Corrugated finds solutions to meet your packaging and display requirements. We remain accessible and attentive from start to finish. Our cutting-edge design assures fulfillment, provides logistics and, through it all, remains dedicated to effective communication and flexibility in every level of service.

Custom Unitizing

Buckeye Corrugated will arrange your order into custom units for specialized delivery according to your needs and specifications. Our direct, convenient transportation services will deliver your unitized order in accordance with JIT delivery standards. This helps streamline distribution processes and ensures that inventory management remains simple and efficient for our customers.

Warehousing & JIT

Occasionally customer sites aren't large enough to support volume orders. BCI will warehouse customer products and deliver on-demand — saving you space, handling and the hassle of an additional search and transportation system through our vendor management service.


During the preprint process, we provide all proofing required for your adjustments before producing the final product run. We also provide a prepress proof to ensure that your specifications and brand expectations are met. This ensures that your requirements are fulfilled and errors are eliminated.